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Alejandro Aguilar - Founder (USA)

Welcome! For the last 20+ years, I've been transforming businesses using Marketing, Technology, Finance, and Operational Excellence. 
Small businesses taught me the same person wears 3-4 hats and there’s a lot to be done but not a lot to do it with. But I also had the privilege to work for some of the largest companies in the world in the QSR and Telecommunications industries, along with the largest non-profit of firefighters in Latin America.
Thousands of hours of learning, testing, and galvanizing the spirit when things are not going the way we wanted, gave me a different perspective that drives me. 
I put it all under one model that makes a business perform as a unit with shared ownership of outcomes, based on rapid iteration, learning by doing mindset, and resource scarcity.ith our clients built on trust and mutual understanding.
We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions along with high-quality supporting services.
Contact me at moc.nlpzib%40ordnajela


Geissler Paúl Giménez - Co-Founder (Brasil)

Hey there! My name is Geissler Paúl Giménez, but everyone just calls me Paúl. I've been working in radio for over 20 years, hosting programs on major circuits in Venezuela, and also running my marketing agency. I've worked with big names like Disney, Red Bull, Pepsi, and BlackBerry, creating campaigns and events for them.
In 2009, I got married, and in 2013 I became a dad to Paula and Rodrigo. 
In 2017, we moved to Brazil so I could support my wife in her job. It was a big change, but I went from being just a marketing-lover-radio-host to a full-time dad and househusband.
In 2022, my long-time friend Alejandro and I started BIZPLN.
We're both happy semi-workaholics and are giving it our all to make our business and yours, successes worth telling others about.
Contact me at moc.nlpzib%40luap


Kike Arlia - Co-Founder (Mexico)

Venezuelan advertising creative with extensive experience in digital marketing, specializing in integrated creativity and storytelling. 
With a career developed in Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico, where he currently resides, Kike has stood out for his ability to bring successful projects to fruition.
With his experience in digital marketing and focus on integral creativity, Kike is a key force in the world of advertising.
Contact me at moc.nlpzib%40ekik


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