Guiding Principles

  • There's a growing gap between founders/owners and the today's business realities● We sit at the intersection of the new and old schools of business. We understand both realities● We were born when telephones had a rotary dial and learned how businesses worked when there wasn't so much technology; much of that way of work has been forgotten, but not lost● We know how it was before tech overtook everything; we know how it is now, and we're always learning what comes next● We know a lot, but we don't know it all● There's no time to be lukewarm● The business is something greater than its parts. We create movements.

  • Technology doesn't build a business on itself● You still require negotiation skills, people skills, and to see the whole picture. We give you a window to that picture● Sales and marketing are everybody's job and we have ways to make them possible● Technology has made us lazy: Set up and run it worked in 2012, but not anymore● Technology is the business, but it is NOT the business.